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Re: Being looked after 2

Posted by Tony T on Mon, Jan 22 2018 at 12:43 PM CST:

In Reply to: Being looked after 2 posted by Tony T on Mon, Jan 22 2018 at 06:13 AM CST:

I have taken a look at the accounts produce by SSAFA. I have listed just three of the 100 charities whose chief executive have received grants from SSAFA 2016/17 The accounts are complex one needs to be a charted accountant to full understand their workings. However a couple of warmers:

To The Royal Opera House £2205.000 paid to Tony Hall
Jewish Care £125.000 paid to Jeremy Oppenheim
National Trust of Scotland £85.000 paid to Robin Pellew

And so the list goes on. Anyone go to the opera recently? Of course not its far to expensive. And SASAFA are giving them a grant why?

SENSE to Tony Best £67.000. I have never heard of this charity. They are listed as a
national disability charity that supports people with complex communication needs to be understood. Have you ever heard of them?

SSAFA stands for; Soldiers, Sailors Air Force a charity for those who have served and serving. How did all these others get their hands in the till.

Below is a post I place on the board this morning.

Here it is again. An ex soldier stumbles and falls on stony ground he gets up on his knees stays there and begs for help. What he should do is get up brush himself down, shoulders back and sort himself out. I can hear you all coming to his defence his suffering from PTSD or what ever and I should be more caring. This ex special forces soldier I believe like many of them went into the security business. Had too thatís their trade, but the call for this trade is no longer there putting a lot of these ex soldiers out of business.

He states the regiment is housing him, but let me reminds him: all local authorities have a duty of care and that is to re-house anyone who comes knocking on their door, thatís the law. B&B is re-housing on a temporary basics.

There is a solution and it is this. All the military charities should pool their resourcesí and build suitable accommodation for these ex-military personnel who are homeless. These centres could also become training centres to give its occupantsí the skills needed in the civilian world.

The money is there and if we are the caring society we profess to be those ex military Members of Parliament have the clout but possible not the will. We have executives sitting on the boards of the Royal British Legion and SAFFA protecting their income who need to be brought to account.

There is an answer but not necessary the solution but something I believe worth a try.

I am sending a copy of this letter to my MP and request that all MPís receive a copy.

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