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hypocrisy and honesty

Posted by Tony T on Mon, Oct 16 2017 at 04:48 AM CDT:

I posted this message on Les Deacon’s site but he took it down. But, when you’re dealing with such people who have no understanding of the difference between hypocrisy and honesty what else can one expect. This is what I posted.

I was going to let Mike’s post pass, but even after he having been warned by a French Court that defamation is an offence, he still fails to understand its seriousness. A French magistrate found him guilty of the offence and a loose warrant for his arrest was issued 3 years ago. What this means is: should he be visiting or travelling in France and he is stopped by the French police for, such as, a minor traffic offence he will be arrested and taken before a magistrate.’ The privacy law in France is one of the most adhered too and it carries a hefty fine and or a custodial sentence.
You’re a very sad case Mike and when one adds up all the help and assistance one particular family has given you and your wife, and then for reasons known only to yourself you make such ridicules statements. You foolishly took the bait when you were asked by RP about being banned from this site and then coming back as you did. You’re an embarrassment to yourself and your family and most of all to us your fellow comrades in arms. Hypocrisy and Honesty something you and Les have no concept of their meanings.

Let me make it clear, Your banned from this site for life Mike. We do not want the likes of yourself bringing its use into disrepute.


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