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Re: Facts and Figures

Posted by on Tue, Aug 23 2016 at 02:58 AM CDT:

In Reply to: Re: Facts and Figures posted by Tony T on Mon, Aug 22 2016 at 04:57 PM CDT:

: Absolutely, Paul. I agree 100%. This has been known about for years. Once it was RBL members who held the cheque book, i.e. retired military personnel who made the decisions’ as to who was in need and, it was then delivered at grass root level. However in moved the civilian staff and the powers to be decided all decisions were to be made at the top. Not too sure who the powers to be are, but trust me, very senior ex-military member are there somewhere. Had the RBL been practising the charter as it was set up to do all those years ago there would not have been the need for the charity Help The Hero’s and the Help The Hero’s Ltd company to have been set up. They also have Trustees on the former and directors on the latter on large salaries. Both, are too large and powerful for the likes of us in attempting to rattle their cage, as is the RBL. It needs the might of the press who have in some cases made noises. We can only wait the outcome, which will come. And, those with their sticky fingers in the till will be caught and put to shame.

: TT

Toni I have known you with a lot more balls than that. If we do not do something about it then who will. The money collected is for the likes of you and me and not for the people running the show and making large amounts of money as wages and more that likely bonuses. unfortunately it is again down to the lads at the lower part of the ladder that have to do something about it. Officers do not need the Legion to assist them they are well looked after. So lets find a way to bring this into the open because the people at the lower ranks of the Legion are as far as I know volunteers and are only paid expenses. So the workers get expenses and the upper echelon get High wages an jobs for the boys. Where is all that money going apart from the coffers of the people running the show. Finally how many people work and get paid wages for the legion?


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